Portsmouth U17/U20 Squad



Designed to ensure continuance of our U17/U20 athletes, creating a natural adulthood break from junior athletics and supporting their transition period to fully fledged senior athlete

The athlete will be asked to sign a contract that will outline the benefits of becoming a member of the squad and the conditions that will be attached

For Enquiries about Joining the U17/U20 Squad please email vice-Chairman@portsmouthathletic.co.uk

To Print the application form for Under 18s please Click Here

To Print the application form for Over 18s please Click Here

Please email completed form to vice-Chairman@portsmouthathletic.co.uk or by hand to Andrew Vincent


All U17/U20 Squad Athletes will be asked to carry out the following:

  • The athlete must compete in a minimum of 6 meetings per year in any of the leagues SAL,BAL,Wessex T&F,AVL,YDL,Wessex League XC or Hampshire League XC plus any regional or national finals.

  • To wear club apparel and or squad clothing and use squad provided equipment at all competitions entered by the club, or requested by the club unless rules or regulations prevent.

  • To thoughtfully promote COPAC at all Open Meetings and opportunities, by wearing squad apparel as possible

  • To conduct yourself in a professional and pro COPAC manner at every opportunity.

  • To show professionalism and respect to all athletes in the club, team managers and officials.


What Will I Receive?

  • Distinctive personalised apparel (tracksuit as shown below)
  • A Mentor from the existing senior team

  • An informal function where the squad can meet existing senior athletes and the managers of those teams

  • Up to 3 workshops per year on items such as peer pressure, training regimes whilst studying and performance

  • 50% reduction on coach travel to League meetings

  • Eligibility to earn money from Star Track events



Portsmouth U17/U20 Squad

Player profiles

  1. Small
    Ben Cross 0114

    Preferred position: Sprints

  2. Small
    Steven Cross 0111

    Preferred position: Middle Distance

  3. Small
    Callum Crook 0110

    Preferred position: Middle Distance

  4. Small
    Lorna Dockerill 0133

    Preferred position: Sprints

  5. Small
    Maddie Wilton 0505

    Preferred position: Multi Discipline

  6. Small
    Sophie Lockyer 0284

    Preferred position: Throws

  7. Small
    Katie Simister 0415

    Preferred position: Long Distance

  8. Small
    Oliver Charlesworth 0093.

    Preferred position: Sprints

  9. Small
    Penelope Batty 0022

    Preferred position: Long Distance

  10. Small
    Sarah Hunt 0231

    Preferred position: Throws

  11. Small
    Mia Billins 0030

    Preferred position: Middle Distance

  12. Small
    Joe Martin 0296

    Preferred position: Sprints

  13. Small
    Catherine Obla

    Preferred position: Sprints

  14. Small
    Bo Sansom 0403

    Preferred position: Middle Distance

  15. Small
    Jacob O'Hara 0339

    Preferred position: Middle Distance

  16. Small
    George Rosam 0400

    Preferred position: Jumps

  17. Small
    Cerys Thomas 0450

    Preferred position: Throws

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